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Accessible Entrace to our Vocational Activity Center


Vocational services are provided at Community Based Interventions (CBI) Giving Tree Farm.  The farm is located on 22 acres of land in north Lansing and includes greenhouses, outdoor fields, a 2,400 square foot vocational activity center and a woodworking shop. 

The farm was developed to employ individuals with brain injuries and developmental disabilities.  This program assists individuals in:

  • Developing a wide range of vocational skills

  • Allowing them to be in a regular structured environment

  • Offering the opportunity to be involved in the community.

  • Provide a safe structured environment for individuals with disabilities to develop vocational skills

  • Engage in productive activity.

  • Allow Individuals with disabilities to earn income.

  • Provide staff support at a high staff to client ratio to assist clients to develop positive social behaviors and other critical work skills.

  • Provide training designed to increase independence and tolerance in the work environment.

  • Assist participants to develop general and specific work skills which can be transferred to other competitive work environments.


  • Multiple levels of job tasks and skills are available to meet the needs of a diverse population of individuals requiring vocational assistance.  Services are individualized and include the following:

  • Highly structured activities

  • Systematic teaching methods

  • Communication Development

  • Social Behavior Management

  • Assistance with organization, planning and problem solving

*Additional services are contracted on an individual basis and may or may not be provided by CBI Rehabilitation Services.

Vocational Services at Giving Tree Farm: About Us
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