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CBI Rehabilitation Service's Community Living Programs provide support to adults with disabilities in various apartment and residential settings in Lower Michigan.  The program teaches clients daily living skills provided by trained staff and supports maintaining them in their own residence.


  • Provide an individual a structured environment, while learning daily living skills.

  • Provide programs designed to meet the individual needs of each client that promote progress toward the least restrictive environment.

  • Assist in maintaining a stable housing situation while the individual is receiving services.

  • Teach individuals proper job behavior through vocational training in a realistic work setting with timely feedback individualized to target behavior.

  • Utilize community resources for leisure and learning.


  • Daily structured activities

  • Vocational development

  • Vocational Training at the Giving Tree Farm 

  • Assistance in planning and budgeting

  • Assistance with adhering to medical/treatments recommended

Community Living Supports: About Us
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